leather car steering wheel cover

Genuine leather car steering wheel cover wavy lines design universal silica gel liner steering-wheel braid snake skin pattern

Our products are suitable for almost all Sedan, 97% commercial vehicles, 95% SUVs, please rest assured to buy.

If you are still not sure, it is recommended that you measure the diameter (outer diameter) of your car’s steering wheel. Our products are suitable for standard steering wheels with a diameter of 38cm(15inch) .

1.Wavy lines design really gives car a sporty feel.

2.Silica gel liner padding (Not rubber) steering cover is very soft and smooth.
No odd smell, non-slip design (good for driving safety).

3.The cover is made of High quality cowhide,is soft, strong and not easy to be fractured.

4.Notice:It is suggested to clean it by leather cleaner, or just scrubbing it by towel.

5.Fits the 15″ or 38 cm (Outer diameter 14.9″-15.1″) standard car steering wheel perfectly.
It is not suitable for steering wheel of trucks and bus.

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